“I want to do this because it’s the only thing for me that makes sense. Just to be a gardener, even if everything here will be destroyed by ecological disaster or a fascist regime, because this is what I can do, I as a human: to put a seed in the soil. Grow roots. That’s why I invited you people. I care for you, I wish to be your gardener. And at the same time I wish to be a plant in your garden. I feel like we can set things right between the nomad and the farmer inside of me, inside of us. After being told for thousands of years that we’ve been cast out of Paradise, strangers on this planet, strangers to nature, either doomed to rule nature, or to destroy nature, but certainly not being a part of nature, my proposal is that we, restless dogs, go back to the gates of Eden, knock on the door and reclaim the garden. Here. So none of us needs to take an airplane anymore to search and destroy paradise somewhere else.”

fragment uit ‘The Wandering Jew #2’, Sieger Baljon oktober 2012


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