Zwerftuin as a nomadic garden is a Mime School graduation project by sieger baljon, with the help of Calle de Hoog, Jasmin Hasler and Vera Andeweg as well as Pjotr and Frits from Theaterschool Amsterdam and whoever lends a hand. Check out what they do by clicking their names. But Zwerftuin is also one of the offsprings of the SJAMANDADA project. Performance for us is keeping this wonderful garden called audience. It is a provisory healing by the sick doctors of art. We love DADA for it represents everything contrary to a coherent biography to sell your cultural salesmanship. We think art should kick you in the nuts now and then, with some love and attention. We love shamanism for it connects us to the spontanous vitality of life forces, like a garden does. We love words for they can resonate quite specifically. We love movement for it can resonate wholely. We love being a fool, professionally. The rest is both music and silence.

SJAMANDADA is an open tribe for anyone who likes the manifesto and wishes to be shaken home. The first seed was planted by sieger, who started it along with seasonal theatre and theatre gardening. sieger graduates as a theater maker from the Mime School Amsterdam in 2013 and is a (sound) poet and member of the experimental hip hop group de RaaskalBOMfukkerZ as well. That will be all for now, thanks.


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